Striking dress handmade to a rare and beautiful modified 1957 Vogue pattern. In a linen-look cotton fabric, it features wonderfully long waist sash ties which can be tied at the back, side or front in a variety of styles. I've added hand-sewn soutache embroidery of my own design on the neckline and the sash ends. The dress features the sash ties as standard, but upon request the sah can be replaced with embroidered hip pockets instead (an example of the modification can be seen on the photo of the emerald green version. Please email shesdynamiteclothing@gmail.co.uk after placing your order to change to the pockets version.
Vintage inspired 'Jaimee' Dress
Beautiful Vintage inspired, full skirted white dress with embroidered organza floral overlay.
The 'Flora' Vintage Inspired Organza Floral overlay Dress
The 'Tulip' dress is made from cotton velvet with a full circle skirt (and pockets)
The 'Tulip' Dress
This listing allows you to create a truly unique dress in the style and colour of your choice.
Petal Bust Batik Dress
The 'Gilda' Dress
The 'Gilda' Dress
Named after the lovely customer who first created this dressthe 'Lulu' featuresa statement bust with 'petals' or 'wings' that can be left up or folded down by varying degrees to create different looks. The skirt  features a beautiful cascading waterfall of fabric fromm the waist. Both features are backed in a contrasting fabric to create a really standout piece.
The 'Lulu' Wing Bust Dress